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Carpet Cleaning

The cleaning of carpets is a job of particular complexity, which requires specific expertise and above all the use of specialist equipment that is up for the task. For this reason, carpet cleaning should be entrusted to specialized cleaning companies. Clean and Shine Ltd offer a complete and prompt service with tailor-made solutions for all types of carpets or rugs. Carpet cleaning treatments are aimed at renewing the colors and regenerating the fibers of the rugs and carpets fabrics. Keeping the carpet clean is important not only for hygiene reasons but also because the natural wearing of the carpet dulls the fibers, making them lose their natural elasticity, softness and brilliance. We intervene with a thorough cleaning of your carpets and rugs with the use of specific professional products according to the different types of fabrics. We use top industry machines that make light work of tough stains and dirt, regaining your carpet’s original vigor and softness.

Prices start from £20! – Full price/quote when you book!

Our carpet cleaning service includes:
  • An initial survey to identify the most appropriate cleaning methods.
  • Vacuum and hot water extraction cleaning technique – reaches the base of the pile to ensure a thorough clean
  • Environmentally friendly, biodegradable and non-toxic solutions used throughout the cleaning process
  • Stain removal if required (Due to the nature of some tough stains, it may not be possible to completely remove it)
  • Deodorization, anti-stain treatment and anti-allergen treatment.*
  Standard Service Exclusive Service*
Steam Cleaning
Check Remaining Stains
Small Stains
Large Stains
Apply Stain Protector
Apply Aroma
Please note for bookings less than £50 – minimum charge of £50 will be applied. If the equipment is to be carried to upper floors an extra charge may apply. Please call us.