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Covid 19

Clean and Shine Ltd. has always been dedicated to  serving our customers. In this challenging time, that has not changed – we are still fully devoted to providing services that are both effective and safe.
The UK Government has identified several critical industries and institutions which it wants to protect  cleaning services during the COVID-19 pandemic. These include health and social care, education and childcare, key public services, local and national Government, supermarkets and the food supply chain, public safety and national security, the transport network, utilities, communication and financial services. Employees in these industries are classified as Key Workers. Although the cleaning sector is not named on this list, the services cleaners provide are required to enable these organisations to continue to function safely, making cleaning staff are implicitly part of the Key Worker group. Cleanliness and high hygiene standards are particularly important in the UK’s critical industries and institutions during the fight against Coronavirus. Naturally, we will, of courses, follow the stipulations and requirements issued by local governments.
We are also taking the following steps to help reduce the potential spread of COVID-19:
  • Equipment Disinfection: We’ve restructured our cleaning and disinfection rules for all equipment used in the cleaning process. Specialists are expected to fully disinfect their equipment after each appointment.
  • Vehicle Touch-Point Disinfection: Technicians are expected to sterilize any touch-points within their vehicles.
  • Uniform Laundering Protocol: Technicians are expected to fully decontaminate their uniforms.
  • Safety Standards: Technicians are expected to follow social distancing requirements; to avoid touching things in the customer’s home unless necessary; to wash their hands or use a hand sanitizer at the start and end of every appointment; and to wear personal protective equipment like gloves, shoe covers, and a cloth mask.
Through these steps, Clean and Shine Ltd. hope to do our part in keeping our workers healthy and our customers and their homes safer and cleaner.